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Emergia Partners. Quality business advice on emerging markets

Our approach

Developing business with the emerging markets is often complex and can be a lengthy process involving the management of a large amount of information often between several teams of people from a variety of companies, financial advisors and legal firms not to mention mixtures of cultural backgrounds.

Whether the final deal is an acquisition, a joint venture, a technology transfer contract or some other form of agreement we approach the opportunity in the following manner:
1. Ascertain whether the proposed venture makes sense for our client company and matches their corporate strategy and hence has the support of top management.
2. Ensure that Emergia Partners is able to add value to the process.

3. Research the company to gain a full understanding of our client’s business and its specific needs.
4. Approach high level contacts in the particular industry sector to obtain an up to date view of the market and possible opportunities.
5. Begin discussions with potential partners, which lead on to detailed negotiations.
6. Deal closing.

Each stage of the above process requires time and key inputs which range from highly technical financial analysis and company valuation to common sense and experience gained from working with a broad spectrum of businesses at various stages of development.